we all blog for many reasons and there are such wonderful people out there that are so articulate and fun and joyful and I love reading all of you whether you follow me or not. Now here is the gist of this post this morning (3:04 am), we all write from our hearts and we do this in a regular journalistic way, poetically, short story, response to prompts etc. but most of us write from our hearts just what is on our minds or on our minds. so I wanted to forewarn that this is post is from my heart and emotional and it is gloomy doom and angry and a basket of other chaos… today I received a large brown envelope from the Morgan county sheriffs office. I have requested for two years on a weekly basis information on my daughters murder and after all this time I finally received it. I have never been so outraged, shocked and grief-stricken all over again for the total disregard given to the investigation. I already knew that the coroner has never had medical training in the human department he is a resident of the county and a veterinarian and seems it is an elected position so if you live there long enough and get enough votes you can do autopsies. as for investigations if you are the only homicide detective and your out of town you can call a deputy and tell them to checkout the deceased and forget about any further investigating, until the deputy says three weeks later “what ever happened to that death case on Bluewater road?” Then you say “oh she died from prescription pills overdose” and that is the extent of your investigation. this deputy arrived at my daughters home was there for one minute according to time arrived and time left the premises on his one paragraph report. the investigative report sent to me by the Detective was verbatim from the autopsy report with a few I remember having her live in boyfriend come in for a brief talk and I set up a lie detector appt for him but he was a no-show no call and yes I spoke to the mother on several occasions she believes he had something to do with her daughter’s death. OHHH I am so broken-hearted that this was just so casually investigated. so cavalier in their attitudes about a human beings death. I have said all along they were covering up because he the boyfriend is a home town boy and they all went to school together etc. I just think it an insult that I didn’t get this info until I had someone else ( an angel in disguise) call for it and then they decided to send to me as well and after the statute of limitations were up so I can’t file a wrongful death suit. I so wish I could afford and could find an attorney to file a misconduct or negligence suit against Morgan County Missouri. But that I am sure is only a pipe dream. You would think that once the coroner (even if he isn’t really) said it needed to e investigated because the bruising looked suspicious they would have busted buns to do a proper job. oh I don’t know what I am saying or doing I am just so devastated reading how little is there and the lies that were told in the bit of questioning done. Oh why didn’t I go get her on the WEd she called me instead of waiting for that damn Amtrak that she never made it too. Why didn’t I do what my heart told me too? If you are reading this and it is confusing you can read my page here just click Klysta Lanell at the top of page her story is there. please forgive my chaos and grief.~~Len

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