There is a murderer in southern Missouri
He walks the streets every day knowing what he has done
Does he have guilt or remorse, this I don’t believe
how can you not feel that way taking the life
of such a beautiful person?
 This person stops in for a beer, he goes 
out for a meal with his family, he looks 
perfectly normal but his heart is black with
the evil he has done.
He took the life of a beautiful God loving young woman,
a daughter, a mother, a sister,
 an aunt, a cousin, a friend she was someone
without enemies. 
Was it jealousy that made you take her life,
was it anger, or just a prank gone wrong?
Do you know she was coming home the next day? 
Did you not want her to leave?
Will I ever know why you destroyed my whole family
by your actions? 
I wish you would give me answers I wish you would get caught 
so that I could ask you WHY WHY WHY??????
Do I hate you I don’t know I only know you destroyed me?

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