Posted on March 24, 2012

Collapsing at the door of the building and being placed in a wheelchair to just fall into a million pieces of glass inside at the sight of you lying there under the velvet coverlet, pale where you were not bruised. Brushing your hair from your face as I did when you needed soothing as a newborn, caressing your ear as if that would bring a smile to your black and blue waxen face. Holding you and them telling me ‘no ‘there was no way in hell they were going to stop me. You, my first born I held you as you took your first look at the world and by God, I was going to hold you one more time in death. My daughter my beautiful daughter the pain is no less now than then.

Klysta LaNell Breshears
August 20, 1969 ~ February 19, 2011
Our beloved Daughter, Mother, Sister,
Auntie, Cousin, Ministering Angel to the lost
You are forever loved and missed.

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