My beautiful daughter, so  blessed with the birth of you…
Such perfect features with coal-black fuzz on your head
I was enraptured,  the wonderment of you.
You looked up at me as if you knew,
I would love and protect you till the end of my life.
I watched you through the years,
as you blossomed and grew
Into a beautiful strong young woman, yet I knew
Someday you would leave me as children tend to do,
I just never knew you would leave me in this way
I never  thought without you would there be a day
You would no longer walk earth with me in any way
After forty-one years, my greatest fear came true
Never imagined the pain in this life without you.
I miss you my beautiful daughter
This third anniversary is  again one
Not one for celebration, only the loss
Of you but never, cropped-428854_3771596608966_1227116193_n1.jpgnever
the loss of love for you.
RIP Klysta LaNell
Aug. 20, 1969 ~ Feb. 19, 2011

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