Been racked in pain all day all week

dreading this season  of family and joy
Knowing that candles will be lit for you
empty chairs at many tables just for you
Does anyone but another mother understand this pain
recognize that this child carried nine months in my womb,
fed by my blood, able to  breathe by my  breath
the backaches, the swollen feet, the cravings,
the pain of labor, the crashing wave after wave of
those contractions taking our breath and arching our backs
the pushing and gnashing of teeth and the screams of agony
all to push this perfect miniature us that we made into the world
kicking and screaming saying ‘here I am adore me now”
All of that and then to have some monster take you from me
For what, For what, Why, What was the point ?
God one minute I hate you and scream my hatred to you
then beg forgiveness and profess my belief and faith
Lord why why after all of that did you take her? She
was a loving gentle hearted person. She was too young
to go and in such a horrible manner.
My heart is so heavy, my tears won’t stop
My beautiful angel in heaven, momma misses you
loves you and can’t wait to see you
God why?
God it isn’t right to take a child
from its mother by murder or illness
Someday I hope to look back on today …my first family holiday without you, and not feel the sadness and emptiness I felt today. Someday I hope to look across the table on this family holiday and have your sisters and nephews there. Someday I hope to look across the table and see your sons,  my grandsons there. Someday I hope to look across the table and see brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and their offspring there. Someday  I hope to look across the table and join hands with you and all the other loved ones passed and with Our Saviour Jesus Christ . Until that someday please know you are missed and loved and a candle was lit for you today and will be many times over, a chair will be set close  so that we can be reminded of loved ones gone. But you my precious daughter will be held in my heart so tightly you will never ever be just a reminder for you are a part of me, blood of my blood, breath of my breath. RIP my angel , my love, my heart. KLYSTA LaNELL SCHRIEVER ~ BRESHEARS


AUGUST 20TH, 1969~~ FEBRUARY 19TH, 2011


WELCOME HOME year after year the candle stood in the window guiding you home to the ones that loved you. our hearts filled with anxiety until your arrival turning in the drive I would whisper “thank you Lord” now the candle in the window has been replaced by a black wreath and your picture the anxiety now is only for the “why why Lord” love in my heart for you still and for ever a longing that flares like the flame of that old candle to embrace you again just one more time to feel your sweet breath upon my cheek your arms around me once more bittersweet memories for now your gone as the flame on that ol’candle now gone and cold

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