She awoke this morning,
sun shining through the window,
stared hard  in the mirror,
something flitted across her mind.

No one there to see her wake,
No one to share a smile ,
when she does she feels like,
all days are worth a smile.

She went into work today,
remotely, blindly, by rote
she looked at plans for tomorrow,
is sad realizing nobody calls, no one cares.

She got on the bus to go home today,
someones stereo played a song,
it reminded her of you,
and how hurtful it is you’re gone.

She called  a friend tonight,
smiled and wore a brave face,
when the friend had no time to listen,
for all she really wants in life,
is to have you in this place.

She gets a depressed feeling,
one which won’t disappear,
what’s the point in all of this?
what’s the point of being here?
She tried to sleep that night,
tried to prepare for work ahead,
what is the use when your not here
down the hall and in your bed.

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