When we love someone and they die a part of us does as well.
 Our hearts and theirs were joined, a piece of us, and the grief is a physical pain within us like an abscess.
We become empty inside wondering how to go on, if and will we be able to go on?
Now that time has stood still inside of us,the tears we shed speak volumes…silently.
Grief becomes our constant companion as we search for the answer to the mysteries of life and death. As we begin to accept the loss we also begin the ritual of remembering;  looking at photos seeing a cherished item, hearing a song or phrase, recognizing the smile of our loved one in a child, their height or color of their hair, the shape of a brow all reminders of our loss.
It is a pain we will carry until we too die, each of us feels grief at greater depths, at different times, and not one person’s grief is greater than another’s.

Unless, unless as a mother you have lost a child then I believe the grief far exceeds any known to humankind.

My tears run silently down my cheeks like silver rain on the window pane
I can feel each raindrop recycled into my teardrops
I am grieving and the heavens have opened up to grieve with me
Rain building into puddles, pooling in the gutters rushing, washing,
mud and sticks and trash away;

but not the pain in my gut, my heart.
I cannot stop it, this flood of rain I know it will soon end
will that be the end of my grief …no… not until the end of me…

Copyright 2013 LWC

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