APRIL 2011
My whole world came to a crashing end
the day they called to say you died
I screamed  knowing they had lied
It will be two years in five days
I don’t know how I managed all these ways
It hurts today as bad as then
Memories are everywhere I look
you are in my dreams again and again
I blame myself why didn’t I go get you
when you called?
I lost you forever because I was so stupid
I should have, could have, would have
if I had not let your voice stop…me
I have learned that God needed you more
than I did, but WHY? WHY?
Did he know what was in store
for those of us that love you?
Many times I wish I were dead for
Then I could see you, be with you
Sensibly I know you are in the most beautiful
With no sorrow or suffering, nor hurt, not a trace
But my heart cries for you in anguish every day and
Every night.
It is not normal to lose a child, no not right
my eyes swell shut in agony for the tears that
Soak my pillow and my bed, eyes swollen red
I am a child of God as were you, and I know it is He
That has given me strength this last two years
To go on but I really don’t want to
I would rather be with you.

I love and miss you my precious daughter.

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