671 DAYS


It has been six hundred seventy one days since my daughter took her last breath here on earth and I am that many days heartbroken. I miss her beautiful smile, laugh and hugs. I miss that coal black hair she inherited from her father’s side, the thickness and slight wave across her shoulders. She had beautiful long thin fingers what I call ‘piano players hands and fingers’ her ring size was a five and a half on her largest finger. But boy did she have big feet we used to tease her over those size 10’s and she hated her crooked toes. To me she was perfect, tall and thin, five foot eight inches yet she loved high heels.

Klysta loved to cook and she was quite good at it she especially liked seafood dishes. She was always in the water and I can’t remember but a few times in her life she did not have some aquatic creature floating somewhere. Not only did she love the creatures she was like a water nymph herself, I would place her in the bath tub when she was little and would get upset about something I just sat and read or watched her, she could entertain herself until her little pink fingers and toes were wrinkled and puckered. As an adult if she couldn’t get to the pool or lake she would fill whatever was big enough to hold her and in she would go.
As a young woman she could learn anything she set her mind to and learned it quickly. She moved to California as a new wife and mother, needing a job, she didn’t start at the bottom and work up she applied for and obtained a position as the administrative assistant to one of the vice presidents to Ford Motor Company. When she called home to tell me of the new position I questioned her abilities her reply was I found out what they needed went to the library checked out the computer books studied them that night went in the next day tested out and got the job. I was so very proud of her but I should have known she was the same way about everything in life if she could learn she would.

As a teenager in middle school she won a best grooming contest held over a weeks’ time judged by the health/pe teacher. Her picture and comments were in the local newspaper, if the school only knew what a monster that created I nearly went broke with her shampoos and bath needs. Every new product ended up in our bathroom and the aroma from there could be gardenias one day to lilacs or lavender the next. She was a friend to all she met never meeting a stranger, she was my best friend as she was to her sisters and many others. If you needed her she was there for you, but she would seldom share her own needs. Many I time I would call her and say what is going on or what is wrong she would reply how do you know when to call momma, she had a habit of not calling or coming home when things in her life were going wrong or she was in trouble financially or many other things her response if I asked why didn’t you tell me was she did not want to worry me.
She loved being a mom to her two sons although she never thought she was good enough no matter how much I told her how proud of her I was and what a good job she was doing. She loved those two boys beyond reason or good sense at times. As her sons became older she called me and apologized for all the trouble she had caused as a teenager, I reassured her she was not a problem and that her sons were finding their independence it wasn’t that she was a bad mother. She worried still that she had not done right by me or her boys, she gave me the utmost respect and love and oh how I miss that.

I miss feeling those long arms wrapping around me from behind and her breath and voice on my ear saying “I love you momma” or asking if I needed help if I was cooking. I miss dancing with her as we listened to Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive” or Tammy Wynette’s Divorce she loved when we cleaned house dancing with our dust clothes or brooms and mops using them as microphones.

Klysta loved people and she loved God’s word, I have my own mother to thank for that she took Klysta to church before I started going and once I started going she was fervent in teaching me what she knew.
We would stay up late at night reading our Bibles and she would read something jump up and say momma read this, read this or look momma look what Jesus says right here. She won so many souls to Christ.
I as her mother never felt adequate around this exceptional young woman, she would have been a wonderful mother in law and grandmother and looked forward to both. She spent fifteen thousand one hundred thirty four days on this earth and I am so blessed to have had her the majority of those days. I would give my own life to have one third of those days …no that is greedy I would give my life for ten more minutes with her to tell her how very much she is missed and loved, how I now know God’s plan was to take her when her work here was done. I don’t have to be happy about it but I do accept it .
I still grieve and shall every day of my life until I can walk through the pearly gates and see her smiling
face beaming at me and hear her say “Welcome home momma.”

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