It has been nearly two years

Missing you each and every day
Carrying on without you, where do I start
This pain I carry in my heart, with memories of you
My life has been torn and tattered

My life as your mother shattered

I want a world where pain and suffering

Are no more, where no one harms

Where I can hold you in my arms

Where I can see my precious child

Days I wish to scream at the masses

I am here, see me , see my pain

I scream out loud, no one hears,

No one sees how I am scarred

How memories run through my heart and mind

Every second of every day and night

God I am trying to show a happy countenance

Upon this old face
To be strong in faith and grace
But I miss my beloved daughter.

@copyright 2011~2013 Len Williams~Carver

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