The beauty of your smile, sparkle of your eyes
How you enjoyed life and giving to others
Oh my beautiful daughter how, how I miss 
these things and more.
How many times I have cried out your name
 or dialed your number, to talk
Scent of your shampoo , a family members 
facial expression or movement of their head or 
hand makes my heart jump my breath catch,
seeing a long black leather coat or a dress
I know you would like is  so hard to look
and then remember I can’t buy that for you 
for you have no need of worldly goods.
My heart  broke again when your Daddy 
sat in his chair on his birthday he welled up
looked at me and said “no card with Daddy this year”
He so looked forward to the cards you sent that way.
The void in our lives now is as vast as all the oceans
put together and then some. 
You are and will be forever missed our beautiful angel.

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