DEC. 2012
This is our second Christmas with out you, and we are having a hard time with it. But we know you are in a better place. Doesn’t stop the missing you or loving you and thinking of you every day.
Our lives will never be the same without you, we have had to grow stronger to bear the pain of losing you but stronger is not always better. We are all so full of emotion and it is hard to let it go or to share it with one another. We try though Sissy we try, and we are growing closer albeit slowly.
My heart and arms cry out for you, to hold you one more time, to stroke your hair
I would have loved you better, had I known your circle of life would end so soon
Not seeing you as a mother in law or a grandmother (oh you would have been exceptional)
what a good mother you were in the latter years and a special best friend to your sisters.
The things you accomplished in your life and how widely interested in everything, these are the memories I have of you in my mind everyday.
Your beauty and love lives on in your sons, and I want you to know they miss you more than anyone, they are having a really hard time this year and your youngest is talking about you more . The gap we see in them and ourselves when we look in a mirror is the piece where you should be, the missing piece of the puzzle to fill out our family.